INSTRUCTIONS to Contribute using the BHIM APP

Steps to transfer money using your BHIM APP or PHONE PE APP
1. Login to your BHIM App / Similar apps
2. Select the SEND MONEY option
BHIM Send money

3. Choose the A/c + IFSC option
In the list of banks shown, choose

4. Now, add beneficiary details as follows:
a. enter the IFSC Code as CIUB - 0000071 (Five Zeroes Seven One)
b. Beneficiary Name as "Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam"
c. Account Number as 500101011439678
d. Confirm Account Number by entering the same number - 500101011439678
e. Click on SEND

5. In the form that appears,
a. Enter Amount and in the Remarks section, you can specify your Name and email id (OPTIONALLY)
b. To store these details to faciliate easy donations in future, click on the Save for future option
c. Click on SEND - your contribution will be sent.

BHIM - Instructions Go back to the DONATE page and enter the unique transaction number for our follow-up (e-receipt and prasadam).

Note - E-receipts will be issued by email on confirmation of receipt of your contribution. Prasadam will be sent by post.

Some quotes from Adi Sankara’s Prasnottara Ratna Malika (Question – Answer-Gem Necklace) in Sanskrit, which is meant to elevate the seeker, by providing answers to doubts that may arise in the mind of the devotees:
Adi Shankaracharya - Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam

What is the most desirable for human beings?   Life dedicated to one’s and others’ welfare.
What is Charity? Expecting no return.  
What do those who have destroyed dark ignorance specially urge repeatedly?   Charity along with sweet words, knowledge with humility, courage with patience, wealth with renunciation. These four auspicious things are hard to attain.